I have been playing Lumosity for about 15 months now for the sole purpose of improving my brain’s ability to think, process, improve, grow, and just overall, become better and, of course, prevent it from “going limp” – it does that some time, you know.  Well, today I think that I am losing the battle.

Granted, the longer one plays the games, the harder they get, but that mean little program tracks my improvements or non-improvements on a daily basis and as I am about to log out of the program, there it is on a chart right before my eyes.  Just like the stock market graphs, it looks great when it is going up and up and up, but not so great when it is going down and down and down.  I am not even fussy about the level lines.  It does mean that I am maintaining, but I like the upward spiral.

Oh well, I guess each day I am getting older too so I am fighting that as well as the fact that today I have a lot on my mind.  I mean, have you counted how many days are left before Christmas?  Have you figured out what you still have left to do?  But hey, it snowed most of the day today and “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, so smile and be happy and hope that the Brain is more cooperative tomorrow when you want just the right word and it’s misfiled once again.  Things will get better!!