Welcome to my world of blogging and recording life and family memories!

As I was reading the book “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd this morning,  I started to think of childhood memories. The little girl in the story was trying “to conjure up a memory of her mother, just a sliver of something, like her tucking me into bed at night”.  This thought led me to ask my husband, who lost his mother at the age of 10, to try to recollect memories of her from his childhood.  As he was not living with his mother most of this early childhood, he had very few memories of her, but the few memories that he had brought tears to his eyes.  It would have been really helpful to have digital cameras back in those days.  We remember so much from seeing pictures of events.

What could I remember of my paternal grandmother?  I thought about this for some time and the memories were so vague….I was young, very young but I did have faint recollections of the house she lived in – the upstairs apartment of my uncle’s house, and memories of visiting her by entering through the back of the house and going up a stairwell.  I remembered the smell of freshly baked cookies.  I remembered her snow white hair, but then, am I just remembering a picture of her?   I do, however, remember very clearly the early morning that my mother opened our bedroom door – the bedroom shared with my sisters – and, carrying a kerosene lamp, entered to tell us that Grammy had died during the night.  The memory seems so sad.  I wanted to see her just one more time.  Does that longing for one more time ever NOT exist?

Memories, memories!  How important are the memories of our childhood!  Nowadays, social network sites and digital cameras  certainly make it easier for our children and our grandchildren to remember what people looked like or what they did on vacation, or other family events; however, the power of written word can tell so much more.  I have now decided to publish “the written word”.  I hope that through this avenue I can share some of my life, thoughts and memories with family and friends.