I had the pleasure of picking up our two grandson, ages 7 and 2 yesterday at about 2pm and had them until 4pm today.  The little one-Grandson #2- had only slept over once before and since he is generally not a good sleeper at nights…..meaning he doesn’t sleep right through the night, I was prepared. 

We had a wonderful time during the day, playing with multiple toys, reading many, many books and getting lots of exercise to tire him out.  I gave him a “fun bath”  early in the evening, put on PJ’s and read more stories.  He loves book and we have a special chair which I must sit on and he climbs up on my lap.  At 2, he is already reading pictures, pointing out his favourite things and he has very definite opinions on what he likes and often wants to just go to particular pages in the book so he can laugh at the picture or say “Ouch” at appropriate pictures.  By 9pm, after all the hugs to Poppy, Daddy and Brother, we were off to bed.  All went well and he was almost asleep when he heard his Daddy’s voice talking to “Big Brother”.  That was it….he wanted Daddy.  Since he had not had any milk since supper, I decided perhaps he should get up again and have a sippy cup.  Back out to the living room we go, he chats to Daddy and Brother and drinks every last drop of his milk, and then without any complaint, he grabs a few “stuffies” and sensing I was serious this time, he curled up in his bed and was asleep within a few minutes.  Aaah!  Time now to spend some quality time with Grandson #1 and give Daddy a break as he was up since 6am for work and didn’t get home until 5:30pm.  After playing a few “Brain Training” computer games, we decided to watch a number of old videos of various events in his life with Momma, Poppy, Daddy, Auntie, and Big Sister.  He delighted in seeing himself at the various stages, two, three, four, five and laughed at his own antics.  Even though he kept insisting he wasn’t tired and didn’t want to go to bed, when his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light.

Now my bedtime!  I had a fear that if the little one woke up, I might not hear him, so just to make sure, I ensured there was a bright nightlight in the hallway, I blocked the hallway off from the stairs and just as an extra precaution, I closed their bedroom door and left mine open.  Did I need to worry whether I would hear him if he woke up?  Not for a second – as soon as he whimpered, my feet hit the floor.  I wonder – what is it about a mother’s makeup which, when her child or grandchild whimpers, she can rise from a deep sleep and be there in two seconds, ready to hug and console.  Men might hear if the child makes enough noise, but generally they just sleep through it all.

Thank God that He gave us that instinct – to not only hear instantly, but to also have the ability to comfort and console even when we are exhausted ourselves, and thank God for grandchildren whom we can love and cuddle and nurture, and then send them back home so that we can rest. 

High Five to all the Mothers and Grandmothers out there who see their children through the good times and the bad.  The time you spend will not be forgotten.  Dads and Granddads, you are important too, but this article is about Motherhood.